Recycling Services

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Erecycler LLC prides itself on unique recycling methods.

Unlike most recycling businesses, we manually dismantle all electronic materials in-house. We specialize in a variety of recycling methods that allow our customers to stay compliant, sustainable and securely decommission their electronics.
By focusing on a zero-pollution and zero-landfill policy, we avoid the need for EPA permits and ground-water permits. Everything we recycle is stored indoors and then entirely dismantled and destroyed.
Thanks to our unique recycling methods, many of the R2 and e-Stewards requirements do not pertain to us. Even so, we track all of our downstream traffic to ensure all of the materials we handle are treated with the utmost care and eco-responsibility. Some of the services we specialize in are:

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Public and Municiple Recycling Events

The Erecycler team loves to host recycling and data destruction events for Corporate Campuses, Colleges, Municipalities, Synagogues, Homeowner Associations, Community Programs, and Churches. If you’re ready to make recycling fun, let’s get started on putting together a first-class event for you.
Recycling Services

Pick-Up, Drop-Off, Or Ship In

You can drop off or ship your electronics to our Dallas location. Several of our clients ship directly from their satellite locations and can monitor shipping progress via our client portal; with weight and asset tracking submitted and recorded daily. For our local North Texas clients, we are more than happy to arrange a pick-up… or twenty! ?

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

We come to you with a portable hard drive punch and destroy your hard drives right before your eyes in your offices. We can degauss your backup tapes onsite too! The chain of custody can not get any shorter than this.

Asset Tracking

We can record your serial numbers prior to recycling or destruction as a way of documenting our services that meets Chain of Custody requirements.The Asset Tracking processes can make sure that your data containing devices and proprietary products are not available to secondary or gray markets. Erecycler has destroyed tons of engineering samples, prototypes and returns. Let us design a recycling and destruction program that suits your needs.

High Volume Hard Drive Shredding

Data security and product line integrity dictates that many items need to be destroyed. We offer certified physical destruction of hard drives, floppy disks, CDs and tapes. Our in-house shredders will insure your information is safe and completely unrecoverable. In most cases, small lots of drives can be destroyed while you wait.

Electronics Recycling Events

Company wide recycling events at your location or public recycling events for your community. We want to be your electronics recycling event partners.

Customer Portal

Our customer portal makes it easier than ever for our clients to schedule pickups. Erecycler clients now have easy access to weight reports and certificates. All right here on this site in your own private portal.

Ship to Destroy

Send in your hard drives and data containing devices for destruction. We will send you a secure container, and you simply pack your drives in the container and use the including shipping label to return it to us. We will Destry your items within 2 business days of receipt. Your certificate of destruction and serial number list can be downloaded from our client portal.

Product destruction

Keeping prototypes or out of warranty product off of the grey market is not easy. The only truly effective method is product destruction. Let erecycler design a custom destruction program that works for your specific needs.

Ship to Recycle

Our national clients with out of state locations ship their recyclables to us. Having one company handle all of your electronics recycling and destruction simplifies the process for all parties involved. Let Erecycler help set up a nation wide recycling and destruction program for you.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Let's Recycle Together

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Let's Recycle Together

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