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What is Data Destruction?

Data destruction is the process of destroying data stored or contained in electronic devices or hardware, such that it can no longer be used or accessed ever again. For this to be properly done, deleting the data on the device or the hard drive is not all that matters, but destroying the device itself so that it can never be retrieved.
Every business thrives on data. Data is everywhere. It is the life on which the 21st-century business depends. From mobile phones to computers, and from SD cards to hard drives, we do everything based on the data we store. What happens when you no longer need some information that is part of your business data? This is where the need for data destruction comes in.
In today’s digital world, there are vital reasons why you need to be careful about how you manage and dispose of relevant data. Not only that, but you also need to ensure your data destruction process is properly carried out according to state and federal laws. Failure to do this appropriately is potentially disastrous. Irrespective of the business or industry you are in, protecting your company’s reputation and data is important. Protecting your data, includes how you do away with it. Protection should not only be guaranteed for the data that is still relevant to you- but also the data you are discarding.
Deleting your stored data does not mean it has been successfully destroyed. Deleting is the least effective way of safeguarding data from falling into the possession of unknown hands. When you delete a piece of information from your computer, it disappears from your device memory, but such data can still be retrieved because it would still be available on your hard drive.
It’s a decision you will have to make whether your business is small, medium, or large scale. Physical destruction is the only way to ensure your data is destroyed. Once he hard drives or data storage devices no one can claim to have your data. Certificates of destruction and tracking numbers are evidence of your strict data policies and protect against future claims.

Importance Of Data Destruction

Quality hard drive destruction services available. We offer on-site, off-site, and ship to destroy data destruction services at affordable and industry-low rates. We will meet or beat any prices.

Why You Need Hard Drive Destruction

Personal computers hold a vast amount of data. A single gigabyte of disk space can hold as much as 8 file cabinet drawers full of documents. In those 8 drawers, it is impossible to remember if there is a page or two with identifying information? Imagine just the old full 40gb hard drive with 320 file drawers worth of data, or a common 500gb hard drive holding 4000 full file drawers! This huge amount of data is why there are so many laws regarding personal information.
At eRecycler LLC, we make sure that all our clients’ data are protected by physical hard drive destruction. This way, you never have to worry about any piece of information being stolen or used ever again. Here are just a few reasons why proper data destruction is important. Let’s take a look at them:
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1. To protect your company's identity

Without a good data protection system or culture, your company can suffer from identity theft. But not only is data protection necessary when it is still needed; throughout the lifespan, you have to ensure your important data is protected. A piece of information about you or your company or your clients that is not properly disposed of can bring serious consequences when it falls into the wrong hands.

2. To prevent your client's data from being leaked

Not only your personal and employees’ data can be at risk but also information about your customers. As a business owner, your customers’ data that is made available to your company must be protected. You are trusted with it because it is believed you can protect it. When you aim to discard a customer’s data or do away with all the stored data of more than one customer, the best way to do this is through our data destruction services.

3. It is a legal requirement

By law, destroying data must be appropriately done in full compliance with laid down rules. At eRecycler LLC, we understand these rules and have been providing data destruction services since 1999. We’ve listed below some federal legislation on data destruction and some pertaining to Texas.

While there are many ways of destroying data, the effectiveness of these strategies is not equal. Our system of data destruction is worry-free and can truly put an end to the existence of the data you wish to destroy.
Deleting, formatting, wiping, erasing, or overwriting have been proven not to be effective enough in handling data destruction. At eRecycler LLC, we use the most secure system, physical destruction to destroy data. Once a hard drive or any device containing the data is destroyed, such data can no longer be retrieved because it has been shred and mixed with thousand of other shred drive bits.

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